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Parallel 4: Business

Here’s a few FAQs on the Parallel Pledge…

Q. Where can I find the Pledge?

The pledge is on the front page:

Q. Are there any fees or charges? Do I need a credit card?

There are no fees or costs. No credit cards are required.

Q. What are the risks of signing the Pledge?

The risks are minimal as far as we can tell. We wrote the pledge to engage individuals interested in finding alternatives and choice to our ‘mainstream’ society.

Q. By signing the pledge, what happens next?

By taking the pledge, you may receive free information and resources on innovations, people, and movements supporting freedom and parallel values. This will be based on permission based marketing.

Q. Is my information protected and safe?

Yes. We don’t on sell any information or the like. Our intentions are not commercial, as we are a not-for-profit organisation.

Q. Can I remove my name at a later date?

Yes. You are free to remove yourself from the movement as any stage by unsubscribing/sending us an email.

Q. Are you associated with an religious, political, or economic organisation?

No. We are humanitarian and completely apolitical.

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