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SOON - Parallel Home Schooling

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A child is born in a supportive, professional and ethical health setting in the parallel society. The go to an independent/private school, once finishing they can attend a parallel university, read independent media, enjoy arts and culture etc from talented musicians supportive of the parallel movement. They can then work in business or services, entirely free from the analogue society. We are creating a system of alternatives. We support alternative services, products and industries. Loads of energy, effort, and inspiration is happening all around the world. Let’s capture this magic – and share with other great people. So much of modern Western liberal “democracy” is dire. We call this The idea is that an individual can have a great life. We hope they have an alternative to live their whole life without any need for the ‘analogue/legacy’ society. They can avoid the horrible MSM, the corrupt legal system, the corrupt Big Pharma. The Parallel Movement aims to build awareness, growth and connection of new social, economic and cultural opportunities for like minded people.

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