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Values Driven Businesses (Parallel, Open for All)

Updated: Feb 19, 2022

We are finding a lot of resources on jobs board, particularly for people who wish to be unvaccinated.

Start with these articles.


Start with these articles.

United States

United Kingdom


If you find additional articles, or you could support the growth of the parallel movement, please help.

The best way is to submit an article, video, idea of relevance. You can submit online here. Thank you!

Job Opportunities

Parallel Movement is establishing a jobs board. By the end of October (within a week), we expect to have the jobs board functional and working. The jobs board is particularly targeted to individuals facing discrimination, job loss, or just looking for an alternative owing to the vaccination mandates or compulsory vaccination shots. The board is available for both job seekers and parallel employers.

Employer Registration

We welcome employers to register as parallel organisations to receive premium postings, access to high quality candidates, and networks to other Human Resources parallel organisations. Fees and charges will be published shortly.

HR and Recruiter Registration

We also welcome HR and recruiters to post and advertise jobs on the site. Fees and charges will be published shortly.

Free for Job Seekers

If you are looking for work or a new employment opportunity, you can access the service for free.

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