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Benefits of the Parallel Movement


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The Three Principles of the Parallel Movement


Before we talk about joining, I’d like to introduce the reasons why the Parallel Movement is a good thing.

Our three principles are here:

First, we are humanitarian. We support human relations, interactions, and growth.

Second, we are supportive of individual human rights and respect for people. This includes medical rights, human rights, and freedom of expression and thought.

Third, we are supportive of creating economic and financial independent for people. Our goal is ultimately to help you have a better life, outside of the 9-5 of corporate life, MSM, and Junk Food, and help you with resources, connections and knowledge to empower you.

What Are We Trying to Do?


Our principles and goals are all summed up in our vision:

The aim of the parallel movement is:

to support individuals to identify and source parallel and alternative options, thereby, helping them to live freer, more autonomous and care-free lives. 

How are We Doing That?


Our goal is to support you with:

  • Resources to live freer and more care-free lives

  • Authentic connection with like-minded people

  • Local and global opportunities


So How Do You Join?


The main way you join the parallel movement is choosing parallel things: how you eat, live, work, connect, and create.

At the moment, it is completely FREE to join the Parallel Movement.

The only thing we ask you to do is SIGN the Parallel Pledge.

The Parallel Pledge is an acknowledgement of our values, our commitment to a humane and prosperous future for all, and to care for each other and the planet.

As a not-for-profit, we do rely heavily on community builders to support the cause. So if you would like to get more involved in supporting the movement with your time or resources, feel free to reach out

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