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12 Parallels

What are the 12 Parallels?


People around the world want something different. We want alternatives. More choices. More freedom.

This is where the Parallel Movement comes in.  It has emerged from the realisation that ‘something is wrong’, and we are not living at maximum living, and there are much better ways to go.

In being a fan of the world and innovation, you can see pockets of hope everywhere. Loads of people are doing amazing, fantastic things ….

In living, people are getting off the grid,  building small sustainable homes, reading independent media, and participating in creative activities and healthy conversations.

You don’t need to be a hippy, and live off the grid, however, to be parallel.

You can get a job, connect with different people, learn from better quality information, and attend events and workshops that are life enhancing and freeing. Even getting a little humour or laughter into the day is a parallel act. Have you noticed how serious everyone is?

Seeing the mainstream society as fundamentally unhealthy,  the parallel movement offers alternatives to have healthier, less freer, and more care-free lives.

To this end, I have identified 12 parallels where genuine lifestyle and living alternatives exit.

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The 12 Parallels are fundamental to the Parallel Movement.

You can engage in one or all of the parallels – they all contribute to greater freedom, autonomy and independence.

You can click on any of the pages, to read more.

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