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Benefits of the Parallel Movement


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The Benefits of the Parallel Movement are clear.


You no longer need to:

Watch terrible TV programs
Work in soul-destroying terrible jobs
Support unethical and inhumane government policies
Spend most of your time in activities that don’t align to your values
Live in a world where you have to listen to terrible and inauthentic conversations
Spend most of your time in ‘virtual’ environments without authentic connections
Get paid a little and not work in a job that you love
Eat crappy food that is making you sick
Depend on government announcements to decide how you are going to spend your day
and the list goes on …

Instead, you will be able to:

Enjoy the company of interesting, creative people in the community
Identify the things you want to do
Get encouraged to be creative and to express yourself
Find support for your health, financial independence, and security
Draw on a growing global community of people who want more freedom and independence
Spend time engaging with authentic, productive and positive messaging that is life affirming and life enhancing
Learn to be more independent and DIY
Learn to find ways to find genuine freedom via alternatives and parallels
Spend more time in real conversation without all the censorship and barriers by big companies
Work in your own interests as well as those of your family
and the list goes on….

We are working hard to build greater functionality, resources, and opportunities to grow.

The main way you can support the Parallel Movement is by taking the Pledge, sharing with other people, and choosing parallel products, services, and lifestyles.

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