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Welcome to the Parallel Movement

Welcome to the Parallel Movement.

Our goal is to help you live a great life - going in the direction where you heart finds happiness and hope.

You may have landed here in many ways – a recommendation, a random search, or simply searching for something different. Whichever way you came here, you are welcome.

The Parallel Movement is dedicated to all people searching and striving to make the world a better place. It was set up not so much as a ‘new idea’ – parallel societies have existed for centuries – instead it is a reaction to all the craziness and toxicity happening around the world .

Image by Matt Collamer


The Parallel Movement is interested in creating positive change. This means connecting like-minded people, together, creating jobs and economic opportunities for like-minded people.

Why We Started the Parallel Movement?

You may have had this experience.


It's just enough. You have had enough of the mainstream. 

You awaken one day to find that the world is shifted. 'The leaders' are living on a different planet. Young people can't read or write. 


Over the past couple of years, Melbourne, my birthplace and home, has gone from one of the world’s most liveable cities to perhaps one of the world’s most newly divided and negative ones.

There are many reasons for this. I don’t want to go into why. I do want to talk about what’s happened. Owing to being lockdown inside for over 270 days, with an evening curfew of 9 pm to 5 am, an hour of exercise per day, a limit of travelling 5 km from home, and now a widespread ban for unvaccinated people for nearly all services and stores, it is has been a very trying time.

It is out of this context, I started writing and thinking a lot about what to do, and how we got ourselves in this mess.


An obvious answer is to blame the government. It is also to send scientific papers hurtling through the internet to debunk claims that lockdowns work.

Instead, I came to the realisation that we are in a domestic abuse-like situation. We have an unhealthy relationship with most mainstream institutions – media, government, health, and education. Moreover, business and work restrictions, entirely controlled by the government, were impacting people’s lives in many ways: from financial stress, relationship breakdowns, and even suicides. The situation is terrible.

So if you are living in a cult or a domestic violence situation, you have two major options. One is to stay and say nothing, or fight it out. Two is to flee to safety and find a new life.

The Parallel Movement is the second option.

How do we move from fear and anxiety, as well as toxic and harmful institutions, to a place – mentally and physically – that is fulfilling, life-enhancing, and engages positively with others?

I have been entrepreneurial all my life. I have finally figured out what my life is for. To support parallel innovations that are happening around the world. And to support a proactive movement that helps individuals find alternatives, greater freedom and choice.

The Parallel Movement was born...


As a global movement, we create projects that support community growth. This may be helping people finding health or wellbeing services, researching innovation, connecting individuals digitally to economic opportunities around the world, and learning new skills to help be self-sufficient.


So What Are the Problems?

A recent report I read spokes of the 'Great Resignation'. Over 35 million Americans quit their jobs in 2021. Many are seeking alternatives – even when they may not have the knowledge or resources to know their choices – over their current path of Analogue living.

You may have noticed that the world is changing. Individuals have been facing immense pressure and change in their lives.

It seems that mainstream society (or the analogue society) is leading us in the wrong direction.

Over the past years;

  • Millions have lost their jobs over mandatory vaccinations

  • Many people feel lost, purposeless and without direction

  • Governments have abused their power by imposing negative human rights

  • Big Pharma has pushed unhealthy drugs and medicines on many people who don’t need drugs

  • The Financial system is weighted against people getting ahead

  • Corporate culture, as well as government and university cultures, are largely toxic and stuck

  • Unhealthy food and nutrition is aggressively marketed to children, pushing lifetime bad habits

  • Educational system is preparing individuals for jobs and professions that don’t exist

  • Spiritual values are being undermined by artificial intelligence and technology

  • Big Tech is censoring people from speaking the truth.

I could identify a range of problems. Lots of well-meaning and well-intention people have reacted in different ways: fear, fighting back, and trying to argue with logic. However, we are in a situation that requires completely new thinking.


Let’s start with some questions: “Why are we living this way?". "Do we need to live this way?". "What are better solutions?". "Why not now?”.

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