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A Community for Those Seeking Alternatives to the Mainstream

We are building alternatives to Mainstream Society, to support individuals striving for more freedom, happiness and opportunities in the 21st century.

Community Connection

We are looking for a way to connect members in our alternative parallel community. 

If you have an idea of something sociable and constructive to connect people - either online or face-to-face, please contact us. 

Reach out, and let's get this thing going ... 


The Million People Pledge

I agree to I take a stand for myself and my community. And I recognise that my choices today create a world of tomorrow. I commit to using my power of choice to create freedom, equality, and a more just world, and I start this change today, through my economic, social, and personal choices. I acknowledge that what I do makes a difference and I will stand by the parallel movement in unity and love. We will make a community I want to live in and a world I’m proud to leave behind for future generations.

Countryside Road

Mainstream Society is Toxic. Let's Leave it Behind.

The Parallel Movement is a fun, supportive and proactive movement. We are seeking to build opportunities, jobs, networks, and alternative options for products and services for the 21st century.


Mainstream Society is Toxic. There is a growing awareness across the world that 'mainstream society' leads to only negative outcomes. This includes: poor health, stress and anxiety, financial concerns and worry, poor education of students, and jobs that are inhumane and cruel. Our goal is to help individuals to identify the shortcomings of mainstream society, and to find alternatives.


The Parallel Movement. The purpose of the parallel movement is to do three things. First, to describe all the great alternative living innovations and trends around the world. Second, to act as a promoter and supporter of parallel living. Third, to help individuals access alternatives. Our goal is to help individuals to identify opportunities and possibilities to change their life for the better.

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It's Time to Change.

Our goal is to help you live a great life - going in the direction where you heart finds happiness and hope.

You may have landed here in many ways – a recommendation, a random search, or simply searching for something different. Whichever way you came here, you are welcome.

The Parallel Movement is dedicated to all people searching and striving to make the world a better place. It was set up not so much as a ‘new idea’ – parallel societies have existed for centuries – instead it is a reaction to all the craziness and toxicity happening around the world.un

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